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Condos for sale in Bangkok. All our available listings of property for sale in Bangkok. We have unique deals and apartments for sale.

cheap condo for sale in sukhumvit nana bts bangkok

condo for sale in sukhumvit near bts nana

Cheap condo for sale in Sukhumvit – 1 bedroom condo for sale Bangkok at Omni tower. Call Aylon at 081-30–66915.

Cheap condo for sale in Sukhumvit nana bts Bangkok. It is a uniquely renovated 1 bedroom apartment. It is at Omni Tower 18th floor.

The Point

This one bedroom has 65 sqm, and it is on the 18th floor, facing west-north (swimming poolside). It has an open view as can seen in the photos. Although the photos are packed with furniture the unit is offered unfurnished, except the renovated built-in cabinets in the kitchen and bedroom. The price is 5,500,000B, while taxes and transfer fees will be shared 50/50.

The Building – Omni Tower

cheap condo for sale in sukhumvit nana bts bangkok – 1 bedroom condo for sale bangkok at omni tower.
Omni Tower is a serviced apartment and hotel in the center of Sukhumvit Soi 4, soi nana.
It has many facilities including sauna, gym, swimming pool, and a few restaurants and a mini-market.
It offers a free shuttle to the bts Nana. All of this makes it popular among tourist and single expats which makes it easy to rent out. There are several agents who work in the building and can manage your property. If you are looking for a great bargain and a better ROI you should look for a cheap condo for sale in Sukhumvit nana bts Bangkok at Omni tower.

The great deal

We have 2 units to offer you 1 is 1 bedroom condo for sale bangkok at Omni Tower on the 18 floor for 5.5MB and the other is a studio for just 2.1MB.
This 1 bedroom condo for sale Bangkok at Omni tower is a completely renovated apartment: the tiles are unique marble floor. The bath has imported tiles. The kitchen has built-in cabinets.
The renovation cost beyond a million baht. The result might be seen in the photos. However, it is much better to visit the unit to see for yourself how special it is.
Call Aylon to arrange a visit: 081–306-6915

Suite 1816

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Circle 1 – Phetchaburi, 1 BR x 2

CIRCLE 1 – A pair of 1 Bedroom apartments for sale -Condo for sale Bangkok Sukhumvit

circle1 - condo for sale bangkok sukhumvit petchaburi

1674 Phetchaburi Rd,
Thanon Phaya Thai,
Bangkok 10400,

2 Condo for sale Bangkok Sukhumvit — 2 units on 23rd FL that can be connected together through a shared door. Both units are brand new with new washer dryer, 42inch sony, fridge microwaves.
Suite 604 is 39 sqm and can be rented for 21,000 baht/month.
Suite 605 is 49 sqm and is currently rented for 25,000 per month till Jan 2020.

The building is a high rise and high end. Facilities include a luxury modern lobby, swimming pool, fitness center, hot spa/jacuzzi, home theatre room, library, green area

The asking price is 604 – 5MB 605 – 6.2MB.
Both condos for sale Bangkok Sukhumvit for 11.1MB.

Suite 604 – 39sqm

Suite 605 – 49sqm

Please call to arrange a visit: Aylon 081 30 66 915

Condo for sale in Sukhumvit – 4br PRIME 11

Bangkok luxury condo for sale at Prime 11

condo for sale in sukhumvit – The lowest price for 4 bedrooms at the Prime 11, Sukhumvit soi11 only 24.5MB. PRIME 11 is a unique project in the heart of the city of Bangkok. Soi 11 is an exclusive location and the building and facilities are top notches. All of these and the low price makes it a great deal and opportunity to enter the building.

About The Prime 11

Prime Sukhumvit 11 is a luxury Bangkok condo located on the lively and popular Sukhumvit Soi 11. The condo has a total of 212 units spread over 32 floors ranging from Studio, 1, 2, 3 bedroom and duplex penthouse units.
Situated in an excellent location close to Nana BTS and a few minutes drive to the expressway Prime Sukhumvit 11 is ideally situated to move easily around the city.

Why is this a great deal

a bangkok luxury condo for sale. 4 bedroom condos are quite rare in this building. Moreover, This condo is unique in its size and floor height – 29 floor. This is because most 4 BR condo for sale in Sukhumvit are above 50MB. However, this unit is a smaller 4 bedroom condominium with 177 sqm, therefore, it costs only 24.5MB baht. This is the lowest priced 4BR in the building by far and this is

Moreover, it is on the 29th fl and has a really nice kitchen.
There are many condo for sale in sukhumvit however, some are expensive, some are on a low floor; some are at old buildings. This 4 bedrooms apartment is on the 29 floors of this spectacular new project at the heart of the city nightlife. It is near Nana bts station and not far from the high way. It is great for living in and therefore easy to rent out and enjoy a nice yearly yield.

This condo is the lowest 4br condo for sale at the prime 11 and it is a Bangkok luxury condo for sale. Therefore, it is a unique opportunity to enjoy 4 bedrooms unit at this luxurious building.

condo for sale in sukhumvit
Master chef kitchen

Please call to arrange a visit: Aylon 081 30 66 915

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4 bedroom apartment for sale sukhumvit soi 11 – thailand property at nana bts, a 4 bedrooms condo for sale at sukhumvit soi 11, a very hip flat a hiso suite.

studio apartment in Bangkok for sale for only 2 million baht on the 31st floor, OMNI TOWER

Studio apartment in Bangkok for sale for only 2 million baht. A unique profitable  studio apartment on the 31st floor of Omni Tower,
Sukhumvit soi 4, 29sqm, for only 2.0MB (usually 2.5MB)

It is unique because of the renovation: new marble tiles with sculpture tiles in the bathroom. The view is also breath-taking.

It is for sale without the furniture.
The studio is on the 31st floor facing
swimming pool and north-west.

It is also unique profitable deal as it is offered at a reduced Price of only 2.0 MB (transfer fee and taxes 50/50).

Contact by phone at 081-3066915 to arrange a viewing,
or send us an email at :
aylon.spigel [at]
and we will contact you back soon.

The building has many facilities:
gym, massage parlors, laundry room, restaurants, 2 convenient stores.

Renovated, 5 Floors Building, at Pattaya Klang is for sale at a REDUCED PRICE

Make a real estate profit in the next 5 years (Ex: buy for 20mb sell 30mb)

You already know that the money is in real estate.
When you buy low and sell high you make a profit.
You also know that the price of commercial properties in Pattaya is going to rise in the next 5 years. The reason I say this is because until now everyone was waiting for the new government to form and the real estate market was at a halt. It did not crush but simply slowed down. In the next 5 years, prices will climb up. The tourist from China and Russia continues to come, don’t they?  
Location Location location” has always produced results and flux of buyers. Is’nt it?
This has always created demand and the competition kept the prices going up, slowly but surely. 

Don’t be left behind. If you ever wanted to own a fine commercial building in the heart of Pattaya – Pattaya Klang,
then now is your chance of a lifetime:
Enjoy a newly renovated building for a reduced price – 

20 million baht (and 50/50 for clearing the taxes at the land department).

The first buyer will enjoy this.
There is only 1 offer like this,
and it won’t last for long.

You can contact us to arrange a viewing of the building.

Contact Aylon(Bangkok) at 081-3066915
Aylon.spigel @

Amazing location: Pattaya Klang (Central Pattaya) 200 meters from Central Festival and 20 meters from the beach next to Family Mart.

The Land
There are 2 title deeds in this building (same owner). Land size 12 sq.w. each in title deed.
Total land size of the building is 24 sq.w.
1 sq. wah = 4 sq. m. => 24 sq.w. are 96 sq meter.

The building has 5 floors.
The first floor can be used for business or Lobby,
Floors 1-3 are 110 sq.m. each.
Floors 4-5 are  100 sq.m. each.
The total size is 530 sq.meter.

the 4th and -5th floors enjoy the sea view.
It is possible to build a balcony with the sea view as an extension of the penthouse.

There is a brand new elevator.

The selling price 20 MB. (and 50/50 for clearing the taxes at the land department)

Contact Aylon(Bangkok) at 081-3066915

ขายอาคารปรับปรุงใหม่ที่พัทยา Kiang (พัทยากลาง) ห่าง 200 เมตรจาก Central Festival และ 20 เมตรจากชายหาดติดกับ Family Mart

2 โฉนดในอาคารนี้ (เจ้าของเดียวกัน)
ขนาดที่ดิน 12 ตารางวา แต่ละโฉนดในโฉนด
ขนาดที่ดินรวม 24 ตารางวา

อาคาร 5 ชั้น
ชั้นแรกสามารถใช้สำหรับธุรกิจหรือ Lobby,
ชั้น 1-3 อยู่ที่ 110 ตร.ม.
ชั้น 4-5 คือ 100 ตร.ม.
มีพื้นที่รวม 530 ตารางเมตร

มองเห็นวิวทะเล 4-5 ชั้น …. สามารถสร้างระเบียงได้เป็นส่วนขยายของเพิง ……..


ราคาขาย 20 ล้านบาท รวมทั้งภาษีทั้งหมด

Commercial Building For Sale at Walking Street Pattaya

2019gmapThe Commercial building, Town House in Pattaya walking street soi BJ is no longer available as before. After a lot of turbulence in the area our building foundation stand still as opposed to our neighbors who got flatted out. The value is in the location and land still stands at minimum of 20MB

• 2 story high (60 m² x 2 fl =~ 120 m²).

• in the heart of Walking Street, Soi BJ

Owned by a Thai company. The old price was 25 Mil baht. due to the prime location. 

Please contact Mr. Aylon at 081-3066915 


This is how it used to be and can be again.